Welcome to the website of Square Lodge #348 where we travel the rough and rugged road!!!
Square Lodge #348 PHA
3865 Bloomfield, Dr., Macon GA. 31206
P.O. Box 4785, Macon, GA. 31208-4785


Greetings, I am Alvin Gilmore, Secretary of Square Lodge #348.The position of Secretary is of great responsibility. It's my duties to observe the Worshipful Master will and pleasure, receive all monies from the hands of the brothers turning it over to the Treasurer taking his receipt for the same.

As I am left to the Worshipful Master, my duties include but are certainly not limited to; oversight of all correspondence, record keeping, petitions, and member involvement.

I am proud to be elected to such a position in this age old and honorable fraternity. Becoming a mason is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Freemasonry is a beautiful system veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.

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